The machines are taking over

Morgenbladet - Etter mennesket

Etter mennesket

Yesterday I was drinking my black coffee, reading the first page of the weekly newspaper Morgenbladet: ”Etter mennesket” (After the human). The discussion is about personal assistants, Internet of Things, robots and artificial intelligence. What happens when everything is connected, and the services has so many nodes so they together can compete with the human brain? Scientists are talking about a digital revolution. Products become services, what we do for living changes and some jobs disappears; automated and replaced by machines. On top of that, business become more international, the world population grows and as a result, the competition intensifies. The middle class reacts with fear and trying to protect their income by closing borders and by law and government rules ban services like Uber and Airbnb.

To handle the complexity we find new ways to make the life easier and the winner is all those who now hamstring from the big stream of data and provide platforms there we can build these new type of intelligent services. In addition, those who can write code do not need to worry about being without work. There is things to do for generations!

It seems like I have chosen the right line of business and today I am going to Redmond to learn more about Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure.

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