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Blog moved to Azure

The blog is now moved to Azure! To install WordPress and move the data was simple. I used a plugin called ”WP Clone” for that. You need a resource group, a service group, a storage account, a MySql database and a WebApp with WordPress. But from there it was a bit of struggle with this and that.

When I tryed to point from my web hotel’s name servers to the site on Azure (http://jonatanwp.azurewebsites.net/) I set up an A-record and thats wrong. A CNAME is correct. After setting up a CNAME I could verify the custom domain in Azure portal. With the new domain in place I had some problem with wrong URL’s pointing to media but I took help of the plugin ”Search & Replace” that solves that.

I also changed some files via FTP to allways use https (The field in the WordPress panel was grayed out). I did that for preparing for using the Azure extesion for Let’s Encrypt. I read this will make the caching not work but I don’t know. I need to read more about how caching works with secure connections.


There is a bug making the navigation in kudo portal to the Let’s Encrypt extension that I did not know about so after an hour or something searching the web I ended up setting all the appsettings manually. It did not work initially but from kudo portal => WebJobs I could read the exceptions and correct the wrongly appsettings values.

Now the site is up and running but I still need to enable MIME types so font awesome can load (saving that for some cold and rainy day).
Edit: I enabled mime types by adding a couple of lines in the web.config:

Running WordPress with this setup cost around 270 NOK a month. I think it is expensive but with my MSDN licens from work I have some credits to try out things like this.

Windows 8: Metro

Jag har nu kört Windows 8 på jobbet i ett par månader och det fungerar bra. Den gamla startmenyn saknar jag inte alls. Använder man pin-funktionerna på aktivitetsfältet rätt så behövs inte startmenyn. Den NYA startmenyn i helskärmsläge stör jag mig dock på! Jag har ingen användning för Metro-gränssnittet utan touch-skärm. Bort med de stora fyrkanterna!

Det blir att installera något fix i morgon. Sneglar på detta programmet: http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/

Ytterligare en blogg startad

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